Love Goes Through Your Hands!

The smell of wood and honey wax is still in your nose. It is perfect – beautiful, high quality and unique! It conjures a smile of satisfaction on your face, your eyes sparkle with joy. You feel indescribable happiness. You feel a deep connection with the product. This can’t be produced in China and can’t be sent by Amazon.

You feel the pride in your heart – you created this product yourself! A favourite part with its own story!

In an innovative way, the People’s Factory combines a completely new workshop concept with an open living room. We have created an environment in which your favourite parts are guaranteed to succeed.

Everything is possible! Stop by and try it out! The possibilities are yours!

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Taste, learn, grow, be productive. Our offer is diverse and always encourages you to discover what you are capable of!

We place great emphasis on community, empowerment, confidence and delight. And of course we celebrate our successes together.

Teams and groups are welcome and can enjoy a very special experience in the People’s Factory.

Let yourself be seduced by our exciting program!


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We are very aware that we, as humans, are facing huge challenges: How we treat people, how we use resources, or in general, how we deal with our planet and thus with our livelihood. The People’s Factory wants to offer a serious contribution to the solution. We see great potential in shifting our perspective, shifting established paradigms and rethinking production!

We are setting ourselves the goal of returning a part of today’s industrial production back, directly into the hands of people and putting the focus back on local communities and the smallest production unit. Technology makes this possible, digitalisation will continue to simplify precise and repeatable production on a small scale.


Today, our lives are shaped by global structures. Among other things, have often loose touch with the origins. Where does a product actually come from? Who manufactured it? Under what conditions?

The People’s Factory employs local concepts to enable transparency, short distances, influence and flexibility. As much as possible, we source materials and other resources locally – we know the sources, the people and the often exciting stories behind. These are decisive and fundamental elements of sustainable and fair behaviour.


A major concern of the People’s Factory is to make consumption of resources sustainable. We strive to reuse as many local resources as possible and to help establish a quasi-circular system.

In addition to classic (ideally local) material procurement, we support, integrate and actively pursue the development of new concepts of “urban mining” – the conversion of “valuable materials” into new “raw materials” that can be directly reused for local production.


We already share a lot today: Cars, appliances, clothes, etc. – it is clearly a sustainable approach, because it saves resources in every respect. What is not needed frequently or for a long time should be shared.

The same applies to tools and machines, many of which are very expensive to purchase. Why should everyone have their own workshop in the basement? The People’s Factory is a part of the direct neighbourhood, it offers access to and support for professional and efficient tools – for everyone.


We rely entirely on the strength of communities – both global and local. Being part of a community not only makes you feel safe and secure. Within a community, so much is just easier.

At the People’s Factory we want to create a meeting point for like-minded people, have a good time together, exchange ideas, support, inspire, motivate and enjoy live.

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