1st Plastic Twist Workshop


We started with an introduction to plastics. Did you know that there are over 44000 different types of plastic?

Equipped with a lot of new information and a pile of plastic bags the participants brought along, we moved on to ironing multiple layers of plastic bags into thin, durable sheets of plastic. As it turned out, there are no limits to the creativity: From randomly combined colours to carefully designed patterns, with texture or smoothly ironed, it didn’t take long until we were able to put our laser cutter to work to cut the individual shapes of nicely designed items from the newly recycled material. In the last step, the new shapes were sewn together by hand with a saddle stitch or the sewing machine. This resulted in many different new products such as a coin pouch, a bag for fruit shopping or mobile phone covers.

Inspired by their success, our participants didn’t want to stop at the end of the workshop, so we extended the three hours scheduled to a total of five hours. In retrospect, it was one of our most creative workshops so far and we were able to demonstrate how easy it is to recycle readily available plastic material and create something nice and functional out of it.

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