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Month: December 2017

Marianne Wilmsmeier

The People’s Factory starts with the workshops!

End of November we presented our first People’s Factory favourites at the Christmas market “Hallen-Luja” in Lucerne. From now on, everyone can produce their own production during a guided “Meet-Eat-Make” -workshop. Within a short time we received the first registrations, so that 2 weeks later we could start with the first production workshops at the Fab Lab Luzern. A very interactive and interesting experience – both for the participants and for us. The feedback speaks for itself and we were incredibly pleased! Thus, not only the new experience of being able to produce something with machines from industrial production triggered enthusiasm, but also the use of hands, the enjoyment of delicious food and being together with other interesting people.

Be inspired and come by 2018 to produce for yourself.

Isaac Pierre

Making people make!

“Once a person has made 3 objects it starts understanding what the paradigm is about” – Marianne said to me the first time I met her.

Empowering people by freeing the products we use from being an act of consuming.

My design can be made much better if it’s always different people making it because each unit can be original,  and become a personal object. I trust this equation as a creative challenge to make more sustainable products that are closer to the people who live and use them.

Anke Fischer

„Yes, we made it differently“ @ „Hallen-luja“ in Lucerne

After 4 really busy weeks of brainstorming, creation and searching for new ways to make our vision of People’s Factory a reality, we finally and proudly presented 13 designs at the „Hallen-luja“ Christmas market in Lucerne.

It was a fantastic, exciting experience for us to turn our ideas into real objects, so we were curious to see how the visitors of the „Hallen-luja“ Market would react to our concept of digitally driven self-production. Many strolled through the exhibition and of course also past our stand, stopped and took the individual products into their hands, felt and inspected them closely. Attracted the high quality and the pleasing designs, they asked about materials and possible uses – just like when you want to buy a product.

Everybody was surprised when they realised that these product were not for direct sale but instead serve as samples to encourage self-production. Questions didn’t stop and kicked off many exciting conversations around our “Choose your favourite design – we provide the experience!“ concept.

The possibilities of digital manufacturing with modern, digital tools like CNC milling machines, laser cutters, or 3-D printers combined with high quality, sustainable materials and with individual creativity opens up a new horizon of conscious consumption and of enjoying of personal design and creation.

But do people really dare to try that? That’s what we are here for. The interactive workshops at the People’s Factory help lowering the bar to start creating your own design piece together with other people, in a great atmosphere that invites to share, eat, drink and chill out together.

In more than 100 conversations with different people, we have received a lot of feedback and inputs and the first bookings. We are excited to welcome the first participants to our workshops and and curious about their feedback. At the same time, we will continue to do it differently by seeking for new designs, designers, tools and materials.

Hope you are curious, too?

Anke Fischer

Encouraging Partnerships, we make it differently and together!

“Make it Differently and Transform Your Emotions into Real Objects!“ – With this slogan People’s Factory officially launched last weekend in Lucerne. The exciting idea behind it: Produce products with cool designs from different product designers on professional machines yourself.

People’s Factory relies on partners who support the idea and who provide their experience and know-how. Our first partner, FabLab Lucerne, provides us with the room and tools, such as CNC milling machines, laser cutters and 3D printers to run our „Personal Manufacturing Workshops“ allowing everyone to produce their own design products.

For product design, we have been able to win our first design partner, Isaac Pierre from Barcelona, with his „Twistab” stool. His experience and ideas are worth their weight in gold for us, not to forget his beautifully designed products.

We are actively looking for additional partners to help building an interactive and inspiring platform, bringing together the most beautiful designs, the best digital tools and the most sustainable materials for you to produce your own products.

Stay tuned for new partners, new designs, new tools – or reach out to us, if you want to become of our partner network.