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Month: January 2018

Anke Fischer

Interview about People’s Factory Personal Manufacturing Workshop

“Choose your favorite piece – we’ll help you produce it yourself!”
Under this motto, the first Personal Manufacturing Workshops took place at FabLab Lucerne in December. One of our first participants was Juliane. At the Christmas market “Hallen-Luja” in Lucerne (see blog entry) she had seen which People’s Factory design pieces can be produced during a workshop and wanted to try it out for herself. Afterwards I met Juliane for a personal conversation to find out how everything worked on her . Read for yourself what Juliane has experienced and felt and be inspired…..

1. Could you describe in your own words how you experienced the People’s Factory Workshop?

I had a very nice evening at the workshop where I was able to meet interesting people, exchange ideas, get in touch with a new way of producing things and enjoy a lovely dinner. The production of the jar itself, however beautiful and interesting, is, in my personal view a detail in the workshop. At the end of the day, the experience remained in my mind, body and soul. I learned about digital technology, handled wood, felt its smell, enjoyed putting the cement in the form like a child:)) I could feel that every detail in the workshop was prepared with love and care and was aligned with the vision and purpose of Peoples Factory.”Make it differently and transform your emotions into real objects!

2. What have you particularly inspired?

What I enjoyed most was the handling/preparation of the jar with my hands. I guess we are very conditioned and used to apply our intellect to what we do. We work a lot with our head and forget that we have a body. It was so relaxing to shut down thoughts and go back to the instinctual use of my hands. Just going back to simple things, like polishing the cement. I also enjoyed the dinner, where we were able to know a bit more about each other in a spontaneous way.

3. What didn’t you like so much?

I’m personally not very excited about the technical details of the machines and its processes. My joy is in the interaction with people and being hands on. But this is very personal, as I felt that my colleague was very interested in the engineering/tech background.

4. What significance do you see for the future of being able to produce items yourself?

I guess our society (and I include myself) is lost in consumption and in a disposable way of life. I have been questioning myself in the last couple of years what is really necessary to live comfortably and how can I cause less impact in my environment. I believe that being able to produce some of our items may help us to be more aware of the impact that we cause. Additionally, it may help us to realize that the creation, i. e. the experience, is more important that the product itself. The way is the goal, as we like to say.

5. In terms of sustainability and quality, where does the People’s Factory vision have a more positive impact and why?

You are involved in the production of your product from start to finish and can decide for yourself which sustainable, ecological materials you want to use, e. g. from regional manufacturers. The production process is completely transparent and it is known that no cheap wages or child labour has been used. By simply shopping you don’t learn anything and you don’t gain any experience. On the other hand, the experiences I have had during my own production in the workshop, no one can take them away from me and the knowledge is not lost. Knowledge is also self-determination, so we can become independent of large corporations.

6. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for us?

It would be interesting to start the workshop telling a bit about you, Marianne and Anke, what brought you to Peoples Factory, the FabLab etc.” As this type of experience is relatively new, it may be inspiring for the participants to know about your personal drives and motivation. This encourages people to “get out of the box” and question themselves about what motivate them.

Thank you, dear Juliane, for your open and detailed feedback!