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Month: April 2018

Marianne Wilmsmeier


In its standard configuration, our STEPCRAFT 420 CNC mill allows milling, cutting or drilling various materials (e.g. wood, styrofoam, or others). The maximum size of a workpiece that can be processed is 300 * 420 * 140 mm. We use the UCCNC software to control our STEPCRAFT 420. Accessories available in Lucerne include:

  • A Drag Knife – to make precise cuts in various materials
  • A Hot Wire Cutter – for precisely cutting softer materials like styrofoam, up to a length of 430 mm
  • A Woodburning Pen – used to engrave wood or other applicable materials with up to 550 ℃

One example of a design produced with the help of our 3D printer is our toy rabbit.

If you’d like to learn more about computer controlled milling, see here – or come visit the People’s Factory and see it in action.

Marianne Wilmsmeier

Thomas Studer

Thomas is an industrial and product designer with conviction and passion. Observation is his favourite way of designing. His works are mainly created while experiencing everyday life. He moves through places in active perception, observes situations, actions and reactions of people and tries to find the best solutions for these moments. Products must not be created to satisfy consumption or materialism. He lives and loves these intensive processes of design.

More about Thomas here.