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Month: June 2018

Marianne Wilmsmeier

Laser Cutter – Emblaser 2

Our 5W Emblaser 2 laser cutter from Darkly Labs in Australia allows cutting and engraving various materials, such as wood (up to 10mm, depending on the type of wood), fabric, plastic, paper or cardboard. We use the LightBurn software to control our Emblaser 2.

One example of a design produced with the help of our laser cutter is our coin pouch – for cutting the shape and the little sewing holes.

If you’d like to learn more about cutting or engraving with a laser cutter, see here – or come visit the People’s Factory and see it in action.

Marianne Wilmsmeier

A great street festival in Lucerne’s Neustadt district

Summer, sun, happy people – the best conditions for an exuberant street party. And we were right in the middle of it. Over 150 colourful spinning tops were assembled, painted and tried out at our stand during the afternoon. At the same time, a laser cutter and a 3D printer tirelessly produced the supply of individual parts for the spinning tops. You could watch what astonished many young and old visitors. We met great people and really felt at home in the neighbourhood. Now we are looking forward to the opening of the first People’s Factory on 08.09.2018 at Bundesstr. 21. 

Marianne Wilmsmeier

PLUGin Session at SAP Walldorf

Buying was yesterday! 

Ready for the next big change in production?

The People’s Factory was invited by SAP to present the People’s Factory concept to interested employees at its headquarter in Walldorf. At SAP, they call it “Plugin Session” and offers its employees the opportunity to learn about exciting topics that usually lie outside their daily work. Julien Vayssière, Vice President at SAP, was the “Theme Hunter” in this case. Among other things, he manages the SAP “d-shops” (developers’ shop). This is a global network of SAP-internal “makerspaces” in which SAP employees can try out the latest technologies to develop ideas for the applications of the future. 

On Tuesday, 12.06.2018, Julien Vayssière and Myles Fenlon, Solution and Product Marketing Expert at SAP, gave me an incredibly warm welcome. After a lunch together, the visit of the “d-Shop” in Walldorf, the presentation followed in front of about 40 very interested SAP employees. Many questions, the review of the first “People’s Factory” products and further discussions have clearly exceeded the planned time frame. The feedback was very positive and confirms us once again to continue working on the implementation of our vision.

Many thanks for this great opportunity! 

Marianne Wilmsmeier

How Does a Laser Cutter Work?

In industry, laser cutters have been used in various areas for some time. There are different laser cutting technologies, but the basic mode of operation is pretty much the same for all of them. The laser cutter either cuts different materials or engraves a pattern on the surface. The material is vaporised or burned. This is why the process is also called thermal cutting. In order to cut or engrave with a laser, a laser beam, starting from a laser source, is bundled into a laser dot with the aid of a focusing optics at exactly the intensity required for the specific application.

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Marianne Wilmsmeier

Meetup „People’s Factory“

We invite you, the future independent producers, to actively contribute to the idea of a People’s Factory and to find answers to current questions together: What materials and products should People’s Factory offer? How long can a production process take? How should we regulate access and use? How should a People’s Factory be organized? Which participation models make sense? In addition to lively discussions and exchange, a look behind the scenes is always on the agenda. At each Meetup we introduce one of our machines, or one of our designers, or we inform about interesting new developments around private production. Even though the first People’s Factory location will open only in September, the journey begins today at the Neubad in Lucerne. We look forward to meeting many curious, open, constructive, positive people who want to join our journey in our Meetup.