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Month: November 2018

Marianne Wilmsmeier

Saikat Biswas / Empoise Design Studios

Saikat Biswas is an Industrial Designer from India. He has a vast experience of developing and delivering industrial design solutions of a varied spectrum, from creating mobile phones to designing trains. He has studied industrial design at National Institute of Design, India and was an exchange student to the Pforzheim University of Applied Science, Germany. Saikat has patents and design recognitions to his credit. During his stint at Provoke, Finland, he worked for big brands like Nokia, ABB, EADS, Boeing, Cisco, Kone, Huawei and more. Many of the products designed by him are commercially successful in their respective domains.

In 2010 he co-founded Empoise Design Studios, a full-service Industrial Design consultancy based in Bangalore, India. It has since become a leading Industrial Design Studio in India. Empoise has collaborated companies all over the globe, for companies ranging from Startups to Global Fortune 500 like Samsung, APC, GE, Reliance, Wipro, Lava, Luminous, Zebra, Ezetap, Viptela, Cypress and more.

With a team of seasoned designers and engineers, Empoise brings in integrated design and manufacturing experience and capabilities. Its workflow is purposefully designed to bridge the arduous and demanding gap between capturing and understanding consumer and market insights to effective commercialization through desirable and practical Industrial Design and Engineering solutions.

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Marianne Wilmsmeier

Julian Hoppen

My fascination for product design started as a child with first playful creations with wood. Only later did this fascination become a passion for product design. During my studies in Industrial Design, my initial focus was on graphical design, but more and more shifted towards the design of truly enjoyable physical products.

The biggest reward for me is to see my ideas become concepts and then real, functional enjoyable products. This is what motivated me to support the People’s Factory. Producing these products myself creates a much more emotional bond between people and objects and hopefully strengthens awareness of the consumer society in which we live.