Upcoming Events:

Free "Recyclable Plastics" Workshop

December 29, 2018 and January 12, 2019, starting at 2pm

Looking for a Christmas present?
But you haven't got the right idea yet?

Give a very special moment, a creative experience with a guarantee of success. The recipient enjoys a break of 2-3 hours in the People’s Factory and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere how his/her next favourite part is created. Be it our pen box, our beautiful concrete box or another design from our catalogue – we provide everything needed: Designs, materials, tools and expert support. During or after the productive creative phase there is a break for coffee and cake.

Vouchers are available in the People's Factory in Bundesstrasse 21 in Luzern or online at peoplesfactory.com

New Products in our Catalogue!

Visit us in Lucerne und produce these beautiful new design products
yourself in our "Open Factory“!

Contact us if you have any special wishes or questions regarding material, the realisation of your own ideas or any other questions about the People's Factory.
We are looking forward to your visit!

New designs by: UAU project, ZenziWerken, Empoise Studios,
Kreisdesign and others!

Dance Ensemble Theatre Lucerne
in the People’s Factory!

When two dogs meet on the street, this can turn into a nice story - for the dogs as well as for the owners: Sky (2 year old Labrador-mix) met Charlie (4 month old Terrier-Jack Russel Mix), when she was dead set on not walking any more. Her owners - Zach & Louis from Lucerne Theatre - were in a hurry to get to their rehearsal in time. At the sight of Sky, all resistance was broken and the rehearsal could begin without delay.
A few days later Zach, Louis and Charlie visit us. They are enthusiastic about the People's Factory and they are convinced that the rest of the dance ensemble will also like it. As it happens, the People's Factory is planning an image film at the time and is still looking for volunteers for the shoot. The idea is obvious. One afternoon the dance ensemble experiences the fascination of the People's Factory, produces something together that they can take with them into the studio, and at the same time the dance ensemble in the People's Factory is accompanied by a professional filmmaker.

It was a great afternoon and evening! There was a lot of laughing, drilling, milling, gluing, assembling, sitting, eating and playing! Sky and Charlie are now big buddies. Their owners too!

3D-Printed Cookie Cutters

Lately we had many visits from families creating their own Cookie Cutters with our 3D printer. First they drew the desired shapes on paper, then the drawing was scanned to create a 3D model with the Cookiecaster. They learned how a 3D printer works and were amazed. As the Cookie Cutters took shape, questions about the technology and the materials used were answered in detail. And then the time had come: the final product was ready and children's eyes lighting up. They created monsters, spoons (for the hot chocolate), gingerbread men, clouds (with name stamps), bats and many more.

Happy Holidays!

The People's Factory Team wishes all of you happy holidays and a lot of time with your loved ones. We are looking forward to welcoming you after Christmas and in the new year.
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