The People's Factory @ DesignSchenken
in the Viscosistadt Emmenbrücke!

Live-Design with Product Designer Julian Hoppen!

The People's Factory will be on site at DesignSchenken 2018 from Friday, 30.11.2018 from 2pm to Sunday, 02.12.2018. We will be joined by product designer Julian Hoppen. Together with our visitors, new Christmas decorations will be designed at our booth during those 3 days. You will look over Julian's shoulders and experience how a product is created from a sketch to prototype, produced on site 3 times a day with our machines (3D printer, CNC milling machine, laser cutter, etc...).

We have 20 free tickets for day passes. Send us a short Email if you would like to visit us at the DesignSchenken. It's "First come - first serve"!

Upcoming Events

Contact us if you would like to make book a "Last-Minute Christmas Party" or just visit us at Bundesstrasse 21 in Lucerne for a gift voucher or a self-made Christmas present.
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