Andreas Wilmsmeier

Andreas is one of the early supporters and investors into the idea of the People’s Factory and provides active support with his background in consulting, in building teams and in setting up, managing and growing companies. He actively supports the People’s Factory, whenever possible..

Wim Lanz

For ten years I’ve been working as an Art Director in advertising. I’m creating advertising campaigns on both, classic and digital platforms for different clients. I also do lots of other projects like building a motorcycle from scratch. I’ve already made a couple of projects with 3D printers and laser cutters and one year ago I started learning the 101 of Arduino.


Always hungry! Always friendly! And always excited about people entering the People’s Factory – especially when they bring another dog!

1st Plastic Twist Workshop

Plasticious! We started with an introduction to plastics. Did you know that there are over 44000 different types of plastic? Equipped with a lot of new information and a pile of plastic bags the participants brought along, we moved on to ironing multiple layers of plastic bags into thin, durable sheets of plastic. As it turned out, there are no limits to the creativity: From randomly combined colours to carefully designed patterns, with texture or smoothly ironed, it didn’t take … Read More

People’s Factory Goes India

A few months ago we received an invitation to tender from Swissnex India : Swiss start-ups working in the field of digital production or production machines and interested in exploring business opportunities in India were invited  to participate in the Maker Week 2018 in November 2018 in Hyderabad, India. The People’s Factory, along with 3 other Swiss startups, was selected out of over 200 candidates. On 8th November, the time had come: 8 days packed with appointments, presentations, discussions and conversations with … Read More