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Category: Designer

Post by the Designers of the People’s Factory

Anke Fischer

Encouraging Partnerships, we make it differently and together!

“Make it Differently and Transform Your Emotions into Real Objects!“ – With this slogan People’s Factory officially launched last weekend in Lucerne. The exciting idea behind it: Produce products with cool designs from different product designers on professional machines yourself.

People’s Factory relies on partners who support the idea and who provide their experience and know-how. Our first partner, FabLab Lucerne, provides us with the room and tools, such as CNC milling machines, laser cutters and 3D printers to run our „Personal Manufacturing Workshops“ allowing everyone to produce their own design products.

For product design, we have been able to win our first design partner, Isaac Pierre from Barcelona, with his „Twistab” stool. His experience and ideas are worth their weight in gold for us, not to forget his beautifully designed products.

We are actively looking for additional partners to help building an interactive and inspiring platform, bringing together the most beautiful designs, the best digital tools and the most sustainable materials for you to produce your own products.

Stay tuned for new partners, new designs, new tools – or reach out to us, if you want to become of our partner network.