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Announcing events by the People’s Factory or relevant for Personal Manufacturing.

Andreas Wilmsmeier

Recyclable Plastic – Do it Yourself!

This time it is not about ironing plastic bags to create a fascinating new material, this time you’ll learn to see lids of PET bottles as a wonderful raw material.

These colourful lids can be shredded to a granulate with the help of a machine called “Plastic Wolf“, available in the Fablab Luzern. As a granulate, the lids fit into the cylinder of our tabletop injection moulding machine in the People’s Factory. The granulate is heated to the right temperature in the cylinder until it melts and then pressed into an aluminum mould positioned under the cylinder. The result is a large paper clip, either coloured (when using a mix of lids) or monochrome (when using lids of one colour).

On 4 Wednesdays, the People’s Factory will be open for you from 4:00pm to make your own XL paperclip. Participation is free of charge, but you will have to bring 10 PET plastic lids and the small ring attached to the lids…

Plastic moulding will take us until about 7:00pm – after that, we are invited to join the Plastic Talks in the Neubad.

  • Wednesday 23.01.2019 // Plastic & Tokenomics
  • Wednesday 27.02.2019 // Circular & Plastic
  • Tuesday 19.03.2019 // Plastic & Planet
  • Wednesday 17.04.2019 // Plastic & Water

As with our Plasticious workshops, our moulding workshops are supported by PlasticTwist.

Marianne Wilmsmeier

Popup Exam – Lucerne School of Art & Design

People’s Factory is hosting the Popup Exam of 25 students of “Design Management, International” from Lucerne School of Art & Design

When: January 24, 2019, from 10:00 am – 05:00pm
Where: People’s Factory, Bundesstr. 21, 6003 Lucerne
What: Exciting visions for selected companies, developed by the students
Extras: Apero from 05:00pm

Stijn Ossevoort, lecturer for “Creative Problem Solving and Opportunity Finding” and his students are embarking on an exciting experiment, taking their exams on 24.01.2019 to the public, in the People’s Factory in Lucerne. Anyone interested in how professionally, yet creatively, students approach shaping future, can join in for the pop-up exam.

Every student has chosen a real company and has developed a vision for that company for the next 10 to 30 years. They learned the tools of the trade during their studies: To recognise trends, drivers, impulses that could be relevant in the future, to describe them and to creatively derive scenarios that could be realistic. For example, A “Visual Translator” that is able to translate complicated texts into a simple graphical form; or a vision that puts your entire living space up in the air. Companies such as Google, Novartis, Swatch, a local real estate company or the Insel Hospital in Bern are looking forward to exciting visions from extremely committed students.

We are looking forward to everyone who is interested in what drives young, committed students and what they are able to achieve with their creativity!

And for all those who missed the “Pop-Up Exam” and are still curious, you can come to the People’s Factory for another month, until 21.02.2019, to see the great results during our opening hours.