News from the People’s Factory

People’s Factory Meets thoose!

In the last couple of weeks we worked closely together with  thoose  to create some of their Interior Design and merchandise items for the launch event at sinnlicht in Lucerne. We designed and produced CNC milled food trays, we engraved signs, hangers for their sustainable lingerie with our Lasercutter, we transformed vintage suitcases into tables with the help of the 3D printer and a lot more. It was such an amazing event and we are happy and proud that we have been a part of … Read More

Recyclable Plastic – Do it Yourself!

This time it is not about ironing plastic bags to create a fascinating new material, this time you’ll learn to see lids of PET bottles as a wonderful raw material. These colourful lids can be shredded to a granulate with the help of a machine called “ Plastic Wolf “, available in the Fablab Luzern. As a granulate, the lids fit into the cylinder of our tabletop injection moulding machine in the People’s Factory. The granulate is heated to the right temperature … Read More

Plasticious! – Again!

Last Saturday we ran our second Plastic Twist Workshop – Following our motto “On the bags, ready, iron away!”, 9 participants covered the floor in the People’s Factory with colourful plastic bags of all sizes. There was no shortage of raw materials and the variety of shopping bags really spurred on creativity. After a short period of time, everyone got the hang of it, grew familiar with handling the unknown material “plastic bag” and mastered the arbitrary shrinking processes of … Read More

Popup Exam – Lucerne School of Art & Design

People’s Factory is hosting the Popup Exam of 25 students of “Design Management, International” from Lucerne School of Art & Design When: January 24, 2019, from 10:00 am – 05:00pmWhere:  People’s Factory, Bundesstr. 21, 6003 Lucerne What: Exciting visions for selected companies, developed by the studentsExtras: Apero from 05:00pm Stijn Ossevoort , lecturer for “Creative Problem Solving and Opportunity Finding” and his students are embarking on an exciting experiment, taking their exams on 24.01.2019 to the public, in the People’s Factory in Lucerne. Anyone interested in how professionally, yet creatively, students approach shaping future, can join in … Read More

1st Plastic Twist Workshop

Plasticious! We started with an introduction to plastics. Did you know that there are over 44000 different types of plastic? Equipped with a lot of new information and a pile of plastic bags the participants brought along, we moved on to ironing multiple layers of plastic bags into thin, durable sheets of plastic. As it turned out, there are no limits to the creativity: From randomly combined colours to carefully designed patterns, with texture or smoothly ironed, it didn’t take … Read More

People’s Factory Goes India

A few months ago we received an invitation to tender from Swissnex India : Swiss start-ups working in the field of digital production or production machines and interested in exploring business opportunities in India were invited  to participate in the Maker Week 2018 in November 2018 in Hyderabad, India. The People’s Factory, along with 3 other Swiss startups, was selected out of over 200 candidates. On 8th November, the time had come: 8 days packed with appointments, presentations, discussions and conversations with … Read More

Luzerner Zeitung – August 27, 2018

Under the heading “ In ihrer Luzerner Fabrik kann jedermann Designer-Teile herstellen ” (“In her Lucerne-based People’s Factory, everyone can produce designer products”), the Luzerner Zeitung newspaper published an article about the opening of the first People’s Factory in Lucerne on September 8, 2018 A PDF version of the article can be found  here . Photo: Dominik Wunderli, August 17, 2018, Luzerner Zeitung

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