The creative and innovative Heads behind the People’s Factory.

Jalashree Shrikhande

Jalashree is an architect, sustainability consultant and a mom. She brings 8+ years of experience from diverse fields to the People’s Factory. She’s keen on engaging local communities and increasing the social footprint of the company. She strongly believes that grass-root level organizations such as the People’s Factory are revolutionizing the sustainability movement and making it more accessible and inclusive to everybody.

Sameer Y.

Sameer is an inventor, futurist and industrial designer with a passion for making and maker culture. He brings 9 years of Product Design and Prototyping experience and believes that the world will be a better place when more people make things

Andreas Wilmsmeier

Andreas is one of the early supporters and investors into the idea of the People’s Factory and provides active support with his background in consulting, in building teams and in setting up, managing and growing companies. He actively supports the People’s Factory, whenever possible..

Wim Lanz

For ten years I’ve been working as an Art Director in advertising. I’m creating advertising campaigns on both, classic and digital platforms for different clients. I also do lots of other projects like building a motorcycle from scratch. I’ve already made a couple of projects with 3D printers and laser cutters and one year ago I started learning the 101 of Arduino.


Always hungry! Always friendly! And always excited about people entering the People’s Factory – especially when they bring another dog!

Marianne Wilmsmeier


Is a businesswoman, freethinker, maker and founder of People’s Factory. After 15 years in the “key figure industry”, she changed fronts to focus on innovation. After years of working with people, markets and innovations, she is sure that digital production technology – consequently adapted to enhance the user experience and embedded in a completely new context – will unfold an incredibly positive potential in the hands of the citizens and respond to many longings!