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Category: Other Tools

Other useful tools

Marianne Wilmsmeier

Polishing Drum – Lortone 3A

Our Lortone 3A polishing drum can be used for polishing and grinding various materials, such as gold, silver (silver chains), metal, aluminium, tin, plastic, etc. – and it can be used to remove rust and oxidation very gently when special ceramics are used. Its  rubber barrels are quiet and long wearing and are moulded with special ribs to increase the tumbling action. It can polish and grind multipel items at the same time and is suitable for textured surfaces.

Come visit the People’s Factory and see it in action.

Marianne Wilmsmeier

Vacuum Former – Mayku FormBox

Our Mayku FormBox desktop vacuum former brings our ideas to life in a very simple way. It allows us to make moulds in minutes, with a whole variety of different materials – and without any additional software or digital modelling required.

If you’d like to learn more about vacuum forming, see here – or come visit the People’s Factory and see it in action.