Christmas Program 2019


Christmas Gift Wrapping

Price: CHF 25.– / hour,
Incl. materials

Opening Hours:
Thursday: 14:00 – 21:00
Friday: 14:00 – 21:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00

Creative packaging for your Christmas gifts

For an extra charge we will create your own, self-designed stamp.

Stop by at the People’s Factory – from December 5, during our opening hours, we provide you with everyting you need to design and create your own creative Christmas gift wrapping at different stations:

Wrapping Paper Station – Using kraft paper, you can create your own design using our large selection of creative stamps and different stamping inks.

Gift Tag Station – A small pendant makes every gift look even more beautiful. You have the choice: Ready pendants made of kraft paper cardboard, designed by yourself with stamps. Pre-made wooden pendants you can paint individually. Stamps, stencils, colors all is available to become creative.

Sticker Station – Personalise your gifts with a custom sticker made from self-adhesive kraft paper – these can be easily personalised with your own designs using our stamps.

For an extra charge we will create your own, self-designed stamp.


Children’s Book Reading Session

Price: CHF 5.– per person
(No booking required)

Saturday, December 14
From 10:30am

Reading Session – “Ford – Adventure of a Single Sock”

Ford’s lost his sock partner, as it often happens with socks. Will Ford’s courage to leave the drawer all alone and set off on his quest be rewarded?

Lilian Stross reads from the wonderful children’s book that was written together with Jorge Voss, “Schreiberling”, draughtsman, composer and singer. After the reading, the children can leaf through the book themselves, ask questions and paint their own imaginative cards with Ford. Ford will be available in the form of a stamp, the rest will be created by the children’s imagination, who will then send Ford into their own adventures.


Scent Workshops

December 15, 2019
10:00 – 13:00 and
14:00 – 17:00

Price: CHF 79.–

Make scented gifts yourself!

This workshop is about very special gifts, made from the purest natural essential oils. They are in a good mood, do body, mind and soul good and are an environmentally conscious alternative. This is always a joy for you – either for a loved one or for yourself. You will also learn a lot about the effect of natural essences, how they are produced and their history.

Part #1 – “Scent of Joy”: You will learn how to make a fragrant aroma oil – be it with an invigorating or a soothing effect. It will become a permanent companion in a stylish roll-on glass bottle. At any time the fragrance, with the help of its power from the natural essences, provides sensual relaxation and a great feeling of well-being – no matter where you are and how you are feeling.

Part #2 – “Body Peelings”: Two different body peelings (about 100 ml each) are produced, with different scents and effects, which you can choose yourself. This body peeling does not only do good, but also contributes to a beautiful skin appearance.

Enjoy the pleasurable experience of experimenting creatively with scents in an atmospheric ambience. Each “fragrance present” is individually packaged, and e.g. provided with a personal engraving, its own logo, its own name, etc…

The workshops will be conducted by Ilona Sondore. Ilona is a certified “Aroma Freedom Technique” Practitioner.

The price includes all materials, packaging, workshop management, a snack and drinks.

Maximum 8 participants per workshop.

Or just stop by if you want to make something special for a special person yourself. We are happy to support you in realizing your own gift ideas.