In its standard configuration, our STEPCRAFT 420 CNC mill allows milling, cutting or drilling various materials (e.g. wood, styrofoam, or others). The maximum size of a workpiece that can be processed is 300 * 420 * 140 mm. We use the UCCNC software to control our STEPCRAFT 420. Accessories available in Lucerne include:

  • A Drag Knife – to make precise cuts in various materials
  • A Hot Wire Cutter – for precisely cutting softer materials like styrofoam, up to a length of 430 mm
  • A Woodburning Pen – used to engrave wood or other applicable materials with up to 550 ℃

One example of a design produced with the help of our 3D printer is our toy rabbit.

If you’d like to learn more about computer controlled milling, see here – or come visit the People’s Factory and see it in action.

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