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Thomas Studer

Thomas Studer

Thomas is an industrial and product designer with conviction and passion. Observation is his favourite way of designing. His works are mainly created while experiencing everyday life. He moves through places in active perception, observes situations, actions and reactions of people and tries to find the best solutions for these moments. Products must not be created to satisfy consumption or materialism. He lives and loves these intensive processes of design.

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Isaac Pierre

Isaac is a product designer based in Barcelona, Spain. After completing is Fine Art degree at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada Isaac engaged in a prolific career as a film production designer in fiction and commercial film while developing a parallel body of work as interior and product designer.

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Marianne Wilmsmeier

Is a businesswoman, freethinker, maker and founder of People’s Factory. After 15 years in the “key figure industry”, she changed fronts to be innovative. After years of working with people, markets and innovations, she is sure that digital production technology – consequently adapted to enhance the user experience and embedded in a completely new context – will unfold an incredibly positive potential in the hands of the citizens and respond to many longings!