Join The Team!

We are working hard to achieve our vision of a true People’s Factory – We need you!

Product Designer

Are you a product designer with creative ideas for a portfolio of beautifully designed, functional everyday items? Do you have designs ready that fit into the People’s Factory portfolio? With just the right combination of materials, designed in a way that everyone will be able to manufacture these items in our Open Factory? Contact us, we are always looking for new designs to sell on our platform.


Looking to gain practical experience in the area of digital production? Help us tackling the daily challenges of running the People’s Factory and help us work on well-defined tasks, such as optimising and enhancing the portfolio and the operations of our production machines, developing the perfect branding or social media campaign, developing ideas for a new UX design to simplify the use of computer-controlled machines, … If you are studying product design, UX design (software) or mechanical engineering and if you are interested in an internship in the People’s Factory, talk to us. Duration is between 3 and 6 months, start date is flexible.


Do you enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge with others? We are looking for instructors to expand our course offerings. Our ideas range from sewing, mould making or creating jewellery with 3D printers, to developing designs in Fusion 360 and many more, … Reach out and let’s talk about your ideas for a course or workshop around personal manufacturing that fits into the People’s Factory portfolio.