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Open Factory

The “Open Factory” is the core of the People’s Factory. Everyone, guest or member, is welcome and has access to all our machines and tools. Produce your own designs, select and produce a design from our web site and repair your favorite items. Or just stop by, enjoy good company in our lounge, with a coffee or refreshments – true to our “Meet, Eat & Make” motto.

Tools & Machines

To make sure you are able to produce beautiful results safely with our digital machines (3D-Printers, Laser Cutter, …), we require previous experience. Attend our workshops to learn how to use these machines or demonstrate relevant experience. We are happy to issue a “People’s Factory Machine Passport” that lists your skills and qualifications.

Ask for help if you need additional support with one of our machines, or if you’d like use one of our machine without the required skills or experience. We are always happy to help.


We are keeping a stock of the most commonly used materials (wood, leather, filaments, …) to purchase directly in the People’s Factory. When we purchase materials, we follow our philosophy of supporting local economies, transparent supplies and short transport routes as much as possible – in some cases, this does result in a higher price.

You are welcome to bring your own material or order specific materials you need from us. Keep in mind that, in order to produce good results with the People’s Factory designs, you will need to make sure that the material you bring matches the specific requirements of the chosen design.

Calendar & Opening Hours

While we have defined opening hours, please make sure to ask us or check our calendar before you come to the People’s Factory. We may be busy with workshops, events, or projects and some or all of our machines may be in use and not available for general use at certain times.

Price List

Here you’ll find the price list for our Open Factory services. Check our shop pages to buy designs and to book one of our events or workshops.