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Millstep Automation GmbH

Millstep Automation GmbH focuses on providing honest, uncomplicated, cost-oriented and transparent advice on CNC technology and beyond. In addition to the sale of CNC products, it offers consulting, training and support.

Millstep Automation GmbH is considering new areas of application for CNC milling with the People’s Factory.

With People’s Factory, Millstep Automation GmbH  is exploring new application areas for CNC milling.


Möbel Amrein AG, Kriens

Thanks to Amrein Wohnen for helping us with beautiful furnishing for our first People’s Factory – Stop by and take a look!

Extrudr, Fußach (Austria)

is a start-up company based in Austria near Bregenz on Lake Constance. As part of the 3D printing community, we produce high-quality filaments and are entering a new era of innovation. extrudr develops new, intelligent and innovative materials – be it food safe, biodegradable, flexible materials for extreme and industrial applications – and colours (a palette of more than 30 colours) to extend the application range of 3D printing technology. extrudr stands for quality and sustainability. The raw materials used come from certified suppliers and are 100% new. We use high-intensity and non-toxic colours for perfect results.