Frauennetz Meggen

The women’s network in Meggen gives new impetus to valuable leisure time, expands the personal network in no time at all, makes a valuable contribution to a lively village community, supports social projects – and supports the People’s Factory.

Schreinerei Odermatt

Martin Odermatt from Ebikon is our supplier for high quality local wood with a passion for nature and sustainable sourcing. He offers a large variety of locally sourced types of wood – and always knows the trees almost by name. He likes the idea of the People’s Factory and that’s why he decided to…

Vinedo – Nela Bildstein

Our local provider for delicious local cupcakes, cakes and other treats – Nele’s “secret” recipe: Lots of fresh ingredientsMuch loveAlways smile when bakingAnd decorate with a touch of passion.


AMBITORIO acts as an intermediary between digital products and their physical implementations and as a provider of the secured business platform. Their technology makes digital products tangible and business processes secure. The People’s Factory works together with Ambitorio to protect the intellectual property of our designers and to ensure the secure provision of digital…

Extrudr, Fußach (Austria)

Extrudr is a start-up company based in Austria near Bregenz on Lake Constance. As part of the 3D printing community, we produce high-quality filaments and are entering a new era of innovation. extrudr develops new, intelligent and innovative materials – be it food safe, biodegradable, flexible materials for extreme and industrial applications – and…


The CreaLab Laboratory for the Future at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts researches and creates spaces that encourage creative thinking and action. The interdisciplinary group of futurologists and method experts supports not only thinking about, but also making visions of the future.

Fablab Luzern

The FabLab Lucerne is affiliated to the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and provides certain services for it. At the same time, however, it is open to the public for all those who wish to benefit from the machines and possibilities. In addition to the technical possibilities, the FabLab Lucerne also offers…

Millstep Automation GmbH

Millstep Automation GmbH focuses on providing honest, uncomplicated, cost-oriented and transparent advice on CNC technology and beyond. In addition to the sale of CNC products, it offers consulting, training and support. With the People’s Factory, Millstep Automation GmbH  is exploring new application areas for CNC milling.