People’s Factory Goes India

  • Wim Lanz 

A few months ago we received an invitation to tender from Swissnex India: Swiss start-ups working in the field of digital production or production machines and interested in exploring business opportunities in India were invited  to participate in the Maker Week 2018 in November 2018 in Hyderabad, India.

The People’s Factory, along with 3 other Swiss startups, was selected out of over 200 candidates. On 8th November, the time had come: 8 days packed with appointments, presentations, discussions and conversations with a lot of high-ranking contacts as well as participation in the Maker Fair exhibition in Hyderabad with a joint Swiss exhibition booth. Indian culture played a major role, especially the very tasty, but also partly very spicy food from the region where the spiciest Indian recipes originate.

We were overwhelmed by the energy and creativity with which modern topics such as digital production are supported and promoted in India: From very young students, who implemented creative ideas to solve local problems with modern technology (supported by teaching staff), up to first-class incubation centres for start ups, everything is there.

The People’s Factory attracted so much interest that we decided to start working on plans to develop and produce our own digital machines. Our goal is to make industrial technology as appealing and simple as home appliances in terms of design and operation, so that everyone in the world can take control of the production of everyday objects.

Stay tuned for future updates or reach out to us, if you are interested in updates.

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