may, 2019

24may18:0021:00Part II: CNC Milling Course for Beginners!Getting started with the production of beautiful products!18:00 - 21:00 Factory Luzern


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A CNC milling machine is a very impressive and amazing machine that gives you the freedom to produce a wide range of beautiful products yourself, primarily from wood. We offer a compact introduction to CNC milling for everyone. This course spans across 2 evenings (part I and II) and you will learn how to operate our CNC mill and to independently manufacture your own products - using your own designs or using the designs from our Collection. "CNC Milling for Beginners" Curriculum:
  • Short overview and basics of the CNC milling technology.
  • What do I need for CNC milling? – Software, Equipment, Materials.
  • How does the typical process look like? – From the design sketch to the finished milled part.
  • We will show you how to transfer your idea into the CNC milling machine
    • You will learn to create a digital model using a simple (freely available) software.
    • You will learn to translate the model into the right "language with an easy to use software to prepare the milling process.
    • You will learn to set up and operate the CNC milling machine using the CNC software required.
  • Safety precautions for our CNC milling machine – Do's and Don'ts while using the CNC milling machine.
  • Once everyone is ready - Let's go and manufacture your first small product:
    • Preparation and operation of the CNC milling machine
    • Finishing the milling process and tidying up the workplace
This success as a future producer of the People's Factory will of course be toasted together and each participant will receive his or her own machine passport. With the machine passport, you will be able to independently use our CNC mill during the "Open Factory" hours. Number of participants: Max. 4 - The course takes place when 2 participants have registered. Duration: 2 x 3 hours (2 evenings consecutive) Prerequisites: none Bring your own laptop! The price includes the use of our machine, tools for finishing, the material, a handout, small snack, tap water with syrup and the drink at the end of the course.  


(Friday) 18:00 - 21:00


Factory Luzern

Bundesstrasse 21, Luzern

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