january, 2020

Get a Taste of 3D Printing Together During Your Lunch Break!An extraordinary team event in the People's Factory!Year Around Event (2020) Factory Luzern


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Combine the lunch break with something exciting: 3D Printing! Almost everyone has read or heard about 3D printing at least once. A colleague may even have a 3D printer at home. But you haven't had any contact with this mysterious machine yourself, which sounds like a miracle if you hear experts talking about it. You'd like to know more about it now. No problem. All you need for the first sniff is a lunch break. In our Lunchbreak-Workshop we give you an overview of the different 3D printing technologies and where they are used. With a simple software you will model a small object yourself and understand how the process from the digital 3D model to the 3D print looks like. Of course all your models will be printed and you can take them home with you. Additionally we will show you where to find great premodeled objects on the internet and how 3D printing services work over the internet. And because it's your lunch break, there's also something to eat. Group size: 5 - 10 persons Time requirement: 2 h Implementation: All year, Mon - Fri
Costs (CHF): 59 CHF per person
Prerequisites: None
Included in the price:
  • Price
  • Material
  • Handout
  • Sandwich buffet, fruit, tap water, coffee, something sweet
Please bring it with you:
  • Your laptops
Questions, agreements and booking at info@peoplesfactory.com We look forward to seeing you!


Year Around Event (2020)


Factory Luzern

Bundesstrasse 21, Luzern

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