march, 2019

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09mar14:0018:30Event OverGlass bottle metamorphosis!14:00 - 18:30 Factory Luzern


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In this workshop you will create a new product with a beautiful design from an empty glass bottle. There are almost no limits to your imagination and you can be inspired by the shape and size of the glass bottle. With the help of a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a plotter or a CNC milling machine, new, individually adapted elements are produced that give the glass bottle a new function. Be it a beautiful bonbonnière with a solid wood lid, which you add with a colorful handle from the 3D printer, or a vase embedded in a modern, simple concrete base or a salt and pepper shaker, where the shaker insert also comes from the 3D printer. The glass objects can also be labeled or designed with the help of stencils made with the plotter.
  • We discuss together what all participants would like to make out of their bottles*
  • Preparation of the workplace and introduction to the separation of bottles
  • Everyone separates his/her bottle in the right place
  • The cut edges of the separated bottle parts are now sanded with diamond sponges and polished if necessary
  • Preparation of the next steps for the production of the new elements, e.g. creation of digital production files, casting moulds with the thermoforming machine, etc.
  • Start the production of the new elements, e.g. pouring of the mould with concrete, milling of wooden parts with the CNC milling machine
  • Finishing of newly manufactured parts, such as grinding
  • Labeling or creation of the glass surface
  • Completion of the new product
  • Together we celebrate the successful transformation of an empty bottle into a new design product
The course will take place when a minimum of 3 persons have registered. A maximum of 6 people can participate in this workshop. Each creates 1 - 2 new objects, depending on the size of the bottle. The workshop will last 4 - 5 hours and will be accompanied by 2 instructors. No previous knowledge regarding the operation of the machines is required. A short break can be taken at any time.
Included in the price:
  • Instructor fee
  • Material
  • Machine utilization
  • Coffee, pastries, tap water with syrup and a drink to toast at the end of the workshop.
At the end of the workshop you take home at least one beautiful new product, the knowledge of how to separate empty bottles and a first insight into the use of the machines as well as the infrastructure in the People's Factory, so that nothing prevents you from producing your own objects in the People's Factory. * Please take 5 - 6 empty bottles with you, which inspire you or which you particularly like. The separation of the bottles is not always successful and further attempts have to be made. Especially beautiful bottles can be found in bars. Empty bottles are thrown away there and most bars are ready to leave the bottles to you. Round bottles are best, but we can also try square bottles. The bottles you bring should be cleaned at home and removed from the label. Removing the label is not always easy, but first try soaking the bottles in water. If the label cannot be removed, you can use a glass scraper to scrape the label off. Stubborn adhesive residues can be easily removed with thinner. If you don't get the labels off because you don't have a glass scraper or thinner, you can do it at the People's Factory. In this case it would be good if you could come a little earlier, so that we can only work on the design of the new glass product in the workshop.


(Saturday) 14:00 - 18:30


Factory Luzern

Bundesstrasse 21, Luzern

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