january, 2019

Your Childrens Birthday Jam!Year Around Event (2019) Factory Luzern


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Make and design a toy yourself, experiments and competitions, together with the birthday guests. A great birthday in the People's Factory.  First of all, beautiful colorful spinning tops are produced under guidance and with the use of a 3D printer and a laser cutter. As soon as all children hold their own spinning tops in their hands - not without having tested their performance beforehand - we start a series of experiments in which the children can paint suitable cardboard discs with the most varied patterns, attach them to the spinning top and marvel at the "optical illusions" that arise when the spinning tops are turned. A special extra here are our exciting machines, such as the electric turntable painting machine or spirographs. At the end there is the final climax: everyone competes in various games with his or her colourful spinning top. Let's see who can move his spinning top the fastest through a labyrinth. Or who can collect 100 points first with the own spinning top. The goal is to "circle around" obstacles and with the right spin move the spinning top to the most lucrative point fields. No wonder that time flies by - the spinning top is one of the oldest children's toys. Tap water with delicious syrup as well as some candy are available at any time. Option "Birthday table" (1 hour longer): After so much fun, excitement and amazement you get together and refill the empty energy reserves. We all sit together at our large, colourfully decorated table and the birthday child is allowed to cut his colourful birthday cake, which everyone enjoys with a hot or cold chocolate. Duration: 3 hours. Age: 4 - 8 years Participants: Max. 10 children plus 1 - 2 adults to help with the care Prize: 35 CHF per child incl. workshop, machines, material, instructions. Minimum flat rate 240 CHF. Date: We are flexible, many times are possible for us. Simply contact us at info@peoplesfactory.com and we will discuss the rest personally. Option "Birthday table"
  1. Cake, chocolate and decoration will be brought along by you. + 25 CHF flat rate for the longer room rental
  2. Cake can be ordered from our gifted partner Nela Bildstein of Vinedocupcakes (http://www.vinedocupcakes.ch). Decoration (also with motto) & Chocolate takes over the People's Factory. + 70 CHF flat rate for room + decoration + chocolate (and coffee for adults)


Year Around Event (2019)


Factory Luzern

Bundesstrasse 21, Luzern

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