Candle Holder


Concrete candle holder with leather cuff

You will produce this item yourself in our Open Factory.

Our price includes the license for the design as well as the adaptation to the machines and quality assurance in the People's Factory. It does not include the required material, machine usage and any extra support you may need.

Contact us for any special requests, such as required materials, bringing your own materials, producing multiple items or anything else.

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Concrete candle holder with leather cuff

Solid concrete tea candle holder beautifully wrapped stylish leather cuff. Perfect as a gift or to treat yourself with warm charming light of a candle.

Every item is designed with great care and love – making it a unique and beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones.

At the People's Factory, we protect the intellectual property of our designers. As a customer, you will receive instructions and will be able to use the designs to produce your favourite item at a People's Factory. We hope you understand that we cannot share copies of the original design and production files.

Fabrication steps
  • Prepare the mold for pouring concrete
  • Pouring concrete and let it dry
  • Prepare the laser cutter process & laser cutting the leather
  • Cleaning the leatherSewing the cuff using a saddle stitch
Material Cost

All materials required for this product can be acquired at the People’s Factory for a total price of CHF 14,80 (incl. VAT)

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