Advent Wreath

Produce this favourite item yourself at the People's Factory. If you already have the required skills and experience, you can manufacture this product without our help. Or you are simply curious, have no previous knowledge and would like to take an extraordinary break. In any case, we offer you everything you need: Instructions, support, product design, materials and a nice, relaxed atmosphere. You will find our opening hours in the calendar.

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Nice little advent wreath

This nice little advent wreath is perfect for the office, for the kitchen table and wherever you want to light a candle and don’t have a lot of space.

Every item is designed with great care and love – making it a unique and beautiful gift for yourself or your loved ones.

At the People's Factory, we protect the intellectual property of our designers. As a customer, you will receive instructions and will be able to use the designs to produce your favourite item at a People's Factory. We hope you understand that we cannot share copies of the original design and production files.

Fabrication steps
  • Preparing the milling process & milling (Base)
  • Preparing the laser cutting process & cutting (Christmas Tree)
  • Sanding and painting the items
  • Lighting the candles …


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