Christmas 2019

Personalised Poster & Rail


Produce a wooden poster rail from high quality, locally sourced wood and have your individual poster plotted on DIN A3 paper.

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Gain exciting insights into modern production possibilities of 3D printers, CNC milling machines, laser cutters or plotters. Produce a wooden poster rail, have your individual poster plotted on DIN A3 paper and finally fix the poster to poster rail. The poster rail will be made from high quality, locally sourced wood. The maximum width of the poster rail is 37cm.

With each of our products you have the opportunity to design a part very individually – we help you realize your ideas: You could, for example, engrave your life motto in your new favorite product. You’ll take home a very personal product that you have made yourself, with just a little help. We show you how the machines work and integrate you into all processes.

The complete process will take about 3 hours.

Let us inspire you and be fascinated by what you can already do yourself today.



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