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Everyone is able to enjoy a new Quality of Life – with more sustainability but no regrets; with more happiness and more pleasure but more respect and fairness; with individuality but as part of a strong community.

People’s Factory is devoted to Empower and to inspire people to apply their life skills with passion and pride in order to experience this new quality of life.



People’s Factory builds on a unique Personal Manufacturing concept allowing everybody to produce high quality every day items themselves. The approach is to blend appealing designs, state-of-the-art digital tools, sustainable materials and manual finishing.

Personal Manufacturing produces Favourite Items. Items with a special, personal value to those who produced them; they will be kept and used with pride; they will be maintained as long as possible. They become part of people’s own history.



With a fusion of Meet, Eat & Make, the People’s Factory promotes CommunityInspiration and Productivity.

It combines a Global Online Market Place offering offering a unique collection of designs created by national and international designers with a Local Urban Retreat. The selection of high-quality materials guarantees the manufacturing of long-lasting and sustainable products.

People’s Factory does not compromise on quality, design and hospitality.