Recyclable Plastic – Do it Yourself!

This time it is not about ironing plastic bags to create a fascinating new material, this time you’ll learn to see lids of PET bottles as a wonderful raw material.

These colourful lids can be shredded to a granulate with the help of a machine called “Plastic Wolf“, available in the Fablab Luzern. As a granulate, the lids fit into the cylinder of our tabletop injection moulding machine in the People’s Factory. The granulate is heated to the right temperature in the cylinder until it melts and then pressed into an aluminum mould positioned under the cylinder. The result is a large paper clip, either coloured (when using a mix of lids) or monochrome (when using lids of one colour).

On 4 Wednesdays, the People’s Factory will be open for you from 4:00pm to make your own XL paperclip. Participation is free of charge, but you will have to bring 10 PET plastic lids and the small ring attached to the lids…

Plastic moulding will take us until about 7:00pm – after that, we are invited to join the Plastic Talks in the Neubad.

  • Wednesday 23.01.2019 // Plastic & Tokenomics
  • Wednesday 27.02.2019 // Circular & Plastic
  • Tuesday 19.03.2019 // Plastic & Planet
  • Wednesday 17.04.2019 // Plastic & Water

As with our Plasticious workshops, our moulding workshops are supported by PlasticTwist.

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