Use our machines and prototype your products yourself.

You’re bubbling over with ideas and want to finally put them into practice?. You’d like to manufacture your own products independently? You want to work independently in the People’s Factory? We think that’s great! No matter if you already have experience with digital production or not – we are there to support you.

To be able to produce independently in the People’s Factory, it is important that you are familiar with the handling of digital machines and able to operate them without our help.

For that, we offer introductions and courses to acquire the required knowledge. After each successful introduction or course, you will receive a note in your machine passport. With that, always know which machines you are able to operate independently. Of course we are always available for questions and support. In order for you to quickly build and maintain your experience, we offer regular training evenings.

How do you best proceed if you want to use the People’s Factory regularly and independently?

  • You choose the machine you want to use next. Maybe you have already sniffed and “fallen in love” with a machine or you are browsing our machines page or you are inspired by our products in our design collection.
  • If you want to learn using the 3D printer, the laser cutter, the plotter or the thermoforming machine, you make an appointment with us during the opening hours and you get an individual introduction (see our price list for details).
  • If you would like to learn the CNC milling machine or are interested in an introduction to digital modeling of products or other machine courses, you will find the courses on our workshop page, with all important information, such as prices, the next dates, availability, duration, etc…. You can book these courses through our online shop.
  • With the machine pass you then have access to the respective machines during our opening hours and can either tackle your own ideas or produce products from our collection directly.

In case you have a specific idea, but don’t know how to approach it, just visit us and we’ll take a look together. We can help you with all the steps, from idea to construction, to creating a digital model, to the procurement of materials and much more. You can find the prices for this service in our price list.

If you already have a lot of experience with digital production machines, we will gladly give you a short introduction to our machines and you will show that you know how to handle them.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your creativity!