Visit us, we are open for everyone – any age, any level of experience.

You just want to take a little break and do something creative in a relaxed atmosphere? You urgently need a very special gift? You have never operated a bigger machine before? You think you have two left hands? You don’t think you are very creative? No matter where you come from, what you have learned, how old you are – with us you have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to make beautiful products yourself.

How does that work?

  • You take 1 – 3 hours off
  • You just come to the People’s Factory during our Open Factory times without prior registration (link to map) – just like that, completely relaxed!
  • You choose a product from our collection
  • We accompany you during the whole process, we operate the digital machines – Maybe you take over parts of the production yourself or you look over our shoulder…
  • In between you take a break and refresh yourself with a drink.
  • You finish the product according to our instructions, depending on the product you sand wood, oil it, clean and sew leather together, put in magnets, etc…
  • You are enthusiastic about what you can do, you celebrate your success and enjoy the feeling of having made something yourself with a coffee/tea and a piece of cake.

What does it cost?

We offer you an “all inclusive” package which includes the use of machines and tools, our care, consumables like sandpaper, wood oil, rivets, etc… as well as a coffee/tea/cappuccino or a hot chocolate with a piece of fresh pastry. We always offer tap water with syrup free of charge, as much as you like. Only the main material (wood, leather, etc.) is added. The time required depends on the product you choose: the prices are for the production of a product.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


First hour: CHF 49.–
Second hour: + CHF 39.–
Third hour + CHF 29.–